Once upon a time, people wrote diaries. These days people write blogs. Companies are people too, and as such, they create their own blogs, where they showcase their ideas and document their activities in a rather free-flowing way.

We decided to make this blog a kind of diary – for ourselves and for our friends and customers, and perhaps a few strangers, who can benefit from our experience.

From time to time, we will write here our stories, technical ideas or memoirs of some interesting projects of the present and the past.

Why Connected Blobs?

Blobs, according to some definitions are:
–  …originally just big amorphous chunks of data
–  …data too large to store practically at the time the field of database systems was first being defined in the 1970s and 1980s

In turn, the name of Connected Blobs is coming from our interest in graph theory, image recognition – and specifically so-called Connected Components processing.

We look at all the intelligent and not so- blobs floating around us in the universe, trying to make sense out of them, create our own or just enjoy watching. Thanks for watching with us.

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